Aliso Beach

swimming pool, Laguna Beach, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "I love this place in golf shores. My girls love this old traditional Shark souvenir city. It's one of the last original beach shopping place in golf shores beach area. When most all places change with the times this place stayed true to the 1970s and 80s old beach home town feel. I bring my two young girls a few times a year when we visit the beach. They have it all. So much fun for the whole family to look out. Sunny day or rainy day fun. A must stop shop."

    "Very helpful staff, amazing location, reasonable & clean, absolutely great pool, and the price is low for its location, book early this place stays full most of the year....JP"

    "It's ok, but don't buy chips or candies from this store, only old stale ass expired candies sold here. Also don't buy the 2 Ltr sodas inside their freezers, they charge extra for them "being colder." They'll scam your ass"


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