Bean Hollow State Beach


Bean Hollow State Beach

swimming pool, Half Moon Bay, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "The location is beautiful, the “resort” overall looks nice. So, you have to walk a pretty good distance just to get back and forth to your car and take multiple elevators just to get to your room or car. Okay, so. You are told that there is no housekeeping because you have the amenities to keep your room clean during your stay. You are told that during your stay there is a storage closet on each floor if supplies are needed for your room. You are also told that dishes are to be in the dishwasher and trash taken out in the trash chute on each floor. What you are not told? The storage closet you have no access too, only the staff do. This includes no trash bags, no toilet paper these items are to be provided by yourself. Your water is also cut off for 3hrs a day, during lunch hours, when your trying to take a shower after visiting the beach in the morning hours. And when asking the front desk why your not told this up front your only response given by a young man whose eating a donut in hand and raises his voice replies, “It’s just how it is!” Customer service is extremely poor for such a nice place to visit."

    "Park was not to budy...many activities..had a great play date"

    "Awesome bar. Friendly staff. If you want to play pool this is the place."


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