Belvedere Skatepark

swimming pool, Bell, CA, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

  • Amenities
  • Good for kids

Latest Feedback

    "A beautiful place to visit on the Navajo Nation. I was there the end of February and it was empty due to Covid, so I was able to walk around by myself and just hear the wind and feel the southwest sun on my face. 30 years since my last visit and it was very different"

    "It's a ok dive bar with 5 pool tables, dart boards, drinks are cheaper than other places but the staff is very slow."

    "Well let's see I observed a young lady who bought the whole bar several rounds. The young bartender who has a habit of doing this ignoring people that are actually doing money wise this was an atrocities display that I've ever seen for an establishment especially for someone that literally was not doing anything wrong. I really hope she does something because several people at least one person had a camera in her face for no reason what was she doing wrong. I'm definitely going to be on her ticket to get her what she needs because she gave the bartender apparently a good amount of money for a tip and didn't even get served all her beverages and yet she's bought the bar I got at least three rounds from the bar because of her on the house how do you guys do this to people this is what's problem with Americans and I'm glad to say I'm going back to my other country good luck."


Opening Hours

Monday 10AM–8:30PM
Tuesday 10AM–8:30PM
Wednesday 10AM–8:30PM
Thursday 10AM–8:30PM
Friday 10AM–6:30PM
Saturday 10AM–5PM
Sunday 10AM–4:30PM

How to go there