Bishop Town House Motel

swimming pool, Dixon Lane-Meadow Creek, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Staff was great...very friendly and attentive. Sat outside with my dog Lucinda, and coworkers to watch a game. Pizza was good and so were the drinks. Good place to just "be"."

    "Favorite local watering hole. Ready to have some entertainment who's down to change the oldest and best bar in covina? #food drinks and more fun. Debbie's super ?"

    "Great pickelball court! We went and played early in the morning and very few people were there. They have 2 pickelball nets sandwiched in between a sand volleyball court and a ground hockey court. The court was very nice and the game was very enjoyable. Overall Palm Springs Park is a little smaller than many parks, but has lots of different sports to make up for it."


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