Capitola State Beach

Capitola, CA 95010

Capitola State Beach

swimming pool, Capitola, CA, United States


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    "a review from @amom2kidsandapark Located right along the cable car line, this fun play area with rec opportunities is a perfect addition to a SF day plus it’s walking distance from Fisherman’s Warf. Along with the shiny play structure and fun playground elements, this park has a full and two half basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, four square, bocce ball courts, an indoor swimming pool, and a library. The play area is completely gated in inside the already gated in park (double security for the runners ?). There is a huge climbing dome with sideless bottomless slide, a climbing merry-go-round, a spinning cup, bucket swings, a swinging meets teeter-totter (so much fun!), and a mosaic fish sculpture that you can climb in and on. The play structure is on a higher level of the play area and is accessible by a ramp or amphitheater-style steps has two slides (a spiral and a double), steps, ladders, a sliding pole, a bridge, activities, a small and climbing wall. The double slide is long and goes from the structure through the amphitheater-style steps to the lower level of the playground. Nearly all of the flooring at this park is astroturf. There are bathrooms. Street parking."

    "This is a beautiful beach that is a bit secluded. Park on PCH and walk in on Victoria. There's an unmarked staircase on the left side of the street that leads down to the beach - to the right is the pirate tower."

    "Very clean and friendly the rooms are awesome"


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