Catalina Hotel St Lauren

swimming pool, Avalon, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "This place is wonderful. It's like a multi-purpose ? stadium to better serve the community. In this days that we live in with covid 19 it serves as a free testing center during the day. Other times concerts will be taking place in the stadium. Its great."

    "Such a quaint, little bowling alley. Bowled a tournament there recently and had such a nice time. My only complaint was that it gets a little too hot during the summer, but even that was not enough to hinder our good time. Employees were friendly and stayed on top of malfunctioning machines. Would visit again."

    "Had a really fun time at Spancky's Saturday night (Nov 2)! Drink prices were reasonable. Brothers Aesop rocked the house - what an awsome band! The only problem was that it got quite cold in the late evening since they had the front doors wide open. Otherwise I would have rated 5 stars."


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