Copper Canyon Inn

swimming pool, Lake Montezuma, AZ, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Positive: I wish I had slept at a bus stop instead! I WILL NEVER STAY AT THAT PLACE AGAIN!Deserve 100% of my money back! There was no lock on exterior door. No tv,no clock (alarm clock),no towels,office knew WiFi didnt extend as far as that room bed spread! Negative: When I made reservation I had no idea that I was being tricked by that same horrible known hotel by changing the name of it. When maid complained about 5 minute late check out time I notified her room didnt have alarm clock or tv. she said that cost extra"

    "Great in door pool and not a lot of people in the morning so it great for training"

    "Went with my boyfriend April 5th around 9:00pm we sat at the bar for about 10 minutes’ plus the place wasn’t busy but the bartender was busy talking to someone on far right side of the bar and never gave us any attention at all. I don’t know if it was a race profiling or what but she didn’t care about two customers seating at the bar for over ten minutes. Eventually we got up and walked away and she cared less ‘ anyways it’s not her business so it doesn’t matter. I would have taken her a picture probably next time I will do that coz I remember her.. she looked like she was high on something too. I felt like not to ever go there anymore."


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