Coronado Beach

Coronado, CA 92118

Coronado Beach

swimming pool, Coronado, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "A wonderful experience: both the hotel stay and the restaurant Food is delicious and service very good. The hotel experience was impeccable. Special kudos to the concierge for the efficiency and out of the box approach. This place is fabulous and so is their staff"

    "One of my favorite spots to unwind. The bartenders are extremely friendly and courteous. As a female, I know I can come here for a girls night out or date night and not feel awkward . Security is reassuring and I appreciate the fact that whatever day I come, every bartender is welcoming. I would highly recommend this gem of a spot to everyone."

    "I ordered 2 kids meals and an appetizer - a cheeseburger and fries, hotdog and fries, and chicken quesadilla. Each of the meals was about $6 with $2 additional to add chicken. We went inside to pick up because I didn't know there was an outside window for that, there are no signs. I waited for almost 30 minutes at the bar for the cashier to get to us even though our food was sitting right in front of her, she helped everyone at the pick up window first. Paid, hot back to our room.. cheeseburger was a dried up hockey puck with no cheese, the pattie was maybe 3 inches in diameter. The hotdog was raw on all but two sides with a hard grill stripe on those. The "quesadilla" was one small tortilla full of dried up rubber cheese. No chicken, no nothing, and a dipping cup of salsa and sour cream. Everything was cold as the grave. Horrible. Go here if you want to go to a bar, even though the police are there every day, but don't order food."


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