Cortez Beach

swimming pool, Cortez, FL, United States


Latest Feedback

    "We have loved our experience with Legoland park and the water park! We’ve had a lot of fun and during our time didn’t have to wait in lines. I would give 5 stars except a few attractions we were interested in were closed for maintenance (which is understanding) and some features like the mini land look all dirty and faded, and also an island or two in the wave pool of the water park were in need of repair. Also in the water park, only 1 of 3 big slides was open so the kids had to stand and wait a bit. It would be nice to have some more overhead fans/sprayers for cooling for those of us not used to this Orlando heat. The staff were all nice and the pirate actors and skiers in the show were fantastic! Overall it was great! We would definitely come again!"

    "This hotel is awesome! We spent 2 nights in this beautiful building, not too far from the Wolf Creek ski area. Their price is unbeatable, the service is excellent! Our room was gorgeous, we had a really nice time!"

    "Local spot I attend for shooting pools and pool tournaments. Apa league here. They do not allow you to bring in your own water. So, beware of that. Owners are great. The scene here is good and does not attract the wrong crowd. Definitely check it out."


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