Devonshire Inn Motel

swimming pool, Rosamond, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Went with my daughter on Tuesday for what we thought was a sinus infection, but turned out to be covid. I asked if there was anything they could prescribe and was told no. After insisting, we were given allergy needs and sent on our way. 2 family members went the next day, 1 tested positive, 1 negative and they both walked out with antibiotics and steroids. Same Dr and no valid explanation why we were treated so differently."

    "It may be a dive but its great. All types of people, no fights normally, great prices, and heavy hands. It's small and there isn't food but it's just fun and the bartenders are great."

    "Loved the vibe in this place and how it’s a little hole in the wall and homey feeling, the bartender was working alone and was still accommodating everyone and even though he was busy making drinks he would stop and take the time to help us get our pool ball that was stuck in the table so that we could continue our game. My boyfriend and I also met some really cool people that we now became friends with and live local to us.I like that it wasn’t over crowded and it was just a nice little spot! Unexpectedly pleased ?"


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