El Pescador State Beach

swimming pool, Malibu, CA, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

  • Amenities
  • Good for kids

Latest Feedback

    "A decent little dive bar in a town that doesn't have many. Affordable drinks and food with a pool table and outdoor section. Not a bad way to spend a night if youre looking to have a relaxed evening out without the frills and tourists."

    "My son takes private swim lessons with Rhianna and he has made so much progress. She is friendly and encouraging. Best of all she takes the time to actually teach him the strokes and proper breathing. She also pushes him to work hard and swim the whole time without making it too difficult or frustrating. She is great!"

    "Love it! Great place for walking!"


Opening Hours

Monday 8AM–5PM
Tuesday 8AM–5PM
Wednesday 8AM–5PM
Thursday 8AM–5PM
Friday 8AM–5PM
Saturday 8AM–5PM
Sunday 8AM–5PM

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