El Rancho Dolores Motel

swimming pool, Joshua Tree, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Here for a few months with my family, we had an apartment type room with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, the whole 9 yards, not huge but my wife an I loved not having a larger place to clean. During a snow storm I got stuck on the property an a maintenance man helped pulled my car out which was great cause I had to get to work. Also another guest knew we had a baby and offered to help get us things we needed cause we were stuck there during the storm. Our oldest son was in a car accident and Sheena the manager tried to find us the video of his car to help with the insurance claim. Had an issue with the wifi an they knocked $45 off our bill which was nice. Cleaning ladies were always kind. Kristi helped give us a good deal when our original room was booked out by mistake. Lisa and Kristi have walked all the way over here to give us new keys when they expired. My favorite part was that the owners lived next to us and would cook all the time, if my wife smelled curry, it made my wife crave curry, if she smelled seafood, my wife craved seafood and she would cook it as well, I enjoyed! Very thankful we found this place, if my wife is happy, I'm happy."

    "I love this place. Good people, great staff and good environment. Liz is my favorite bartender."

    "Al's Cocktails is a locals' favorite cash only bar, that isn't going to convince you that it's the best at something. The place is small, but I've never felt it to be crowded - quiet enough for a conversation. Walls have some nice decor, especially the mural behind the bar.Sometimes a no-frills bar is exactly what you need."


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