Eleven Oaks Mobile Home & RV Park

swimming pool, North Highlands, CA, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

Latest Feedback

    "Local, friendly, and a nice place to eat. I thought it was quiet, lots of talking and laughing, but no “extra” noise. Felt like the place next door with better food. I had the hamburger and he had the western burger. OMG that western was huge! Even the pickle was good."

    "Wife, kids, and I all love this place. The only complaint I have is that there is no swimming for adults. The pavilion is super nice and offers nice shade to eat. (Small coolers allowed) Nice clean restrooms with hot water showers. There is also lockers to use if you bring your own lock. Water has never been cold. Snack bar is simple but good and offers a good variety of snacks."

    "I went into this place last night for the first time! I was having some beers and shooting pool ?I think there was some favoritism with some of the clientele! I must have not been liked! This tacky person had the security chase after me for some reason or another? I’m a businessman here in Naples pretty respectable one at that! I didn’t like the idea of being kicked out of the bar just because somebody didn’t like me or who was in favor with the bouncer? I need to speak to a manager about the actions of this bias security worker !!!"


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