Emerald Beach 1627 by RealJoy Vacations

swimming pool, Laguna Beach, FL, United States


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    "I finally took on the challenge! It was worth every second! So beautiful and has an awesome cave to explore; only at LOW TIDE. The cave is located to your left at the south end. The trek down was simple, of course. Going back up will show you how our of shape you are, lol! But it wasn't nearly as difficult as I expected it to be. This is making my top recommended places to visit."

    "Let's see . Holly Berry's sister was bar tending . She was absolutely accommodating super sweet and professional. The ppl were of all ages and all that I spoke with were equally kind . The ribs are in my professional strong opinion the greatest most delicious you could ever ever ever taste in your entire course of life . THE GREATEST !!! Pool tables are kept well condition . It's a little hole"

    "I will never step foot into this place ever again. I have grew up around this Skate World all my life and I have never experienced this kind of service. First they only give a 15 minute window to set up. I arrived at 2:45 to set up for my party the doors were locked. A note was on the door saying to call a number. The lady was late coming so it ran our set up time behind. As soon as you walk in it smelled horribly and extremely hot. The worker claimed the air was on but clearly with a big space the air needs to be on hours before opening. Once trying to set up I noticed a huge amount of flies in the back area. I couldn’t even set my food and area up because flies were all over. The kids were ready to skate and I was told they could not skate until the remainder of the bill was paid. Which was never told to me upon booking. The place is still being renovated so there were big machines still in the building. Once we got our food flies were all over the boxes. We couldn’t even serve properly because the flies were so bad as if we were outside. This place needs to be shut down it is not up to code when a table falls on children. We went up front to ask the worker to tighten up the skates and she did not know how. Please explain how you are working at a skate rink and can’t tighten up the skates. We complained multiple of times and asked to speak to the owner. Only to be told he is unavailable and has many businesses so he is busy. She said I have your number I will have him call you, but she is unsure if he will call. What kind of business is this? I would definitely never go back to this location in Southwest Little Rock. I wouldn’t recommend anyone do business with the new people that took over this establishment. Just go to Bowman location If you want your kids to be in a clean, fun environment."


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