Extend A Suites Tucson Airport

swimming pool, South Tucson, AZ, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Belle plage avec vue sur un grand hotel. Il y a de la Musique pendant le weekend Nice beach with a good view and sunset. There are many people during the weekend but also singlets and good music. It is a family beach"

    "Great place to practice sports. It has a full size basket ball court. It also has pool tables. It also has rooms to rent for parties such as birthday parties anniversaries. It is a great place to bring children. They have outdoor slides and playground for children. They also have outdoor pavilions to rent out for parties. And also has a swimming pool during the summer time with the lifeguards on beauty. It has a fenced in dog park so that you can bring your dogs to play with other dogs off leash. And also has a nature walk trail. There is two bathrooms one for males one for females. This recreation center is free to visit and play with the children. The game room has pool table ski ball and other types of games."

    "Inspiring vistas and breathtaking views greeted us as we decided to wind our way to the beach from the cliff. Once on the beach, we were impressed by the power of the Pacific and the evidence of her erosive process. Also, the beach is dog friendly."


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