Google Event Center (MP7)

swimming pool, Sunnyvale, CA, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

Latest Feedback

    "Great place for all, young and older, good atmosphere and staff are friendly!"

    "Great concept, but they are many areas where it needs improvement. Most of the draft beers were out, 2 of the arcades I tried didn't work, you have to take cash or go next door to use the atm/ no cashback from the bar and not a friendly environment"

    "Small bar with the friendly regulars. Only bad think is no cellphone service. Felt safe letting my wife sit there while I took care of some business in Cornville for about half an hour."


Opening Hours

Monday 6:16AM–8:15PM
Tuesday 6:16AM–8:15PM
Wednesday 6:16AM–8:15PM
Thursday 6:16AM–8:15PM
Friday 6:16AM–8:15PM
Saturday 6:16AM–8:15PM
Sunday 6:16AM–8:15PM

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