Grafton on Sunset

swimming pool, Beverly Hills, CA, United States


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    "Note: I work in a hospital operating room; long and late hours of high stress! 1ST DAY: 1st impressions- Immediately after checking in I encountered 3 out of 4 staff members (3 identified as room housekeepers) not wearing masks around each other, & around myself (I was wearing a mask) while cleaning rooms and standing in corridor showing no concern for your clients safety and well being, as well as between staff members themselves! Staff are required to wear masks while working in the building per your own policy! I inquired about this twice; once at the front desk, and another time by phone call. Bathroom - 2 out of 3 towels were soiled/stained; one obviously "yellowed" compared to the others. - No toilet paper in bathroom! I immediately addressed this to the front desk clerk. Card in room stated supplies would be left in a bag on the door. No toilet paper was ever provided during my entire stay! - Toilet seat had a deep gouge on the sitting surface which was soiled with a brown color and obviously not effectively cleaned, or not able to be effectively cleaned; thus, obviously unsanitary and needing replacement. I addressed this to the front desk who told me maintenance staff would correct the problem. It took over an hour for the staff member (unmasked!) to arrive, who after initially attempting to replace the seat had to leave (toilet now having no seat!) to get another replacement seat and re-entered the room (again unmasked!) to finally replace the soiled and damaged seat. - Tub drain was partially clogged (very slow drainage) causing dirty water to pool which necessitated me to rinse my feet off as I was exiting the shower in order to not have dirty and soapy feet! - Bathroom door was obviously soiled on and around the door knob. It had not been cleaned in days, if not weeks! Not sanitary! - Obvious rust stains (I assume) on door trim near top of trim. Main room - The rubber "bump stops"/"cushions" in the door frame are essentially non-existent due to never having been replaced over the years resulting in them being crushed and deteriorated which allows the door to slam into the steel frame causing excessive noise and vibration. I learned this when I allowed my door to close on its own creating a loud bang which I can only hope did not disturb others trying to get some sleep. After that I made sure I carefully "hand" shut the door quietly since I obviously care more about your customers than you do. These items are extremely inexpensive and easily replaced; and that work should have done years ago, but it will still probably not get done due to the prevalent lack of concern for the upkeep of the facilities. - TV station list guide was extremely soiled with food stains and obvious food residue. Made of paper so unable to be cleaned and should have been disposed of.  Very nasty! Should have been laminated. A replacement TV station guide list was never received! - TV stations listed on the heavily soiled guide card were not accessible, namely HBO. When I asked the front desk clerk if I should have access to that channel he said "Yes", and that it (never specified what "it" was) probably needed to be "reset". He did not say by whom, but I assumed by the hotel staff (wouldn't you?). I inspected the TV remote, TV itself, and "cable box" and saw no means to personally "reset" the system. I never had access to HBO for my entire stay! - Wall thermostat did not control the AC/Heating unit in the room. I had to use the controls located on the unit itself. SECOND DAY: - Bagged breakfast left something to be desired, but more importantly there was no beverage. This is Florida; certainly you could have provided some orange juice and/or bottled water with that "meal". Never have I stayed anywhere offering a simple breakfast where orange juice and/or another juice was not provided, especially at your charged rates! Bathroom - Still no toilet paper! Again, none was ever left on door as indicated by room card. Main Room - Still no HBO"

    "Fire all the bartenders. The tall guy is rude. So many better smoke-free options in Stuart. Stix is much larger and much nicer staff. Café Martier is quaint and relaxing. Mulligans has river views. Flannigans has excellent customer service and extremely polite bar staff."

    "Went today for the first time. Was very pleased. Tables are very well kept and the price is very affordable to play. Highly recommend."


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