Hermit Falls

swimming pool, Monrovia, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "The staff here are horrible they honestly will throw you our for any reason. We stayed here for over 3 months without our door fixed but when we asked there was an issue and all of a sudden now we have complaints and they wouldn't renew our room,. These people pick and choose who they like. When it's supposed to be just business keep it as business and not act like adults in high-school. Do not rent here unless you want unfixed rooms and horrible hospitality."

    "Can be easy to miss on the outside but definitely worth checking out. Love the live bands that play at night. Nice vibe. Great bar menu. During the weekdays they have nice drink specials. Can get a little stuffy with a lot of people though."

    "Lived here for 5 in a half years. Roach problem got worse. No matter how many times they sprayed the roaches were multiplying and I live very very clean. Neighbors complained of the same issue. They need to have pest control come in and go inside the walls. They were all over my counters and crawling from the vents and lying eggs everywhere. I had two different types of roach killing sprays, boric acids, tablets…nothing killed them. I cannot tell you how many times the police were called to the property due to crime going on. Management was overall pretty good so no complaints there but please fix the roach problem. It is SEVERE!"


Opening Hours

Monday 6AM–8PM
Tuesday 6AM–8PM
Wednesday 6AM–8PM
Thursday 6AM–8PM
Friday 6AM–8PM
Saturday 6AM–8PM
Sunday 6AM–8PM

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