Hutchinson Island


Hutchinson Island

swimming pool, Hutchinson Island South, FL, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Not a bad place to hangout. Plenty of lively people. Bartender was very attentive and nice. Ambience is good. Gives a dive bar feel with plenty of drinks and good games if you have the quarters for it. Check it out."

    "I have been going here for 33+ years (since 1988). Back then It, it was called Fitzwilly's. It was a beer and wine only raw bar for many years. This amazing musician played a one man show. He would set up by one of the large front windows near the entry. Scott...was his name. He belted out acoustic tunes such as Piano Man by Billy Joel. A bunch of us met up there everyday after work and classes. We always talked about buying that place. I now have the motive, and the means.? You guys ever thought about early retirement?"

    "Owner was very hostile and rude! Actually tried to pick a fight with me. I declined to stay here afterwards. After seeing the other reviews about m glad I didn’t waste my money. He should be happy anybody is willing to stay at this dump."


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