Jolly Roger Hotel

swimming pool, Marina del Rey, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "It was a great experience. Great food and drink deals based on per day. They offered lots of chances for the kids and fans to be involved!"

    "I don't even live in Marina, but I'm always at this bar. My hot best friend lives there and I visit a lot and we always end up here!!! Dave, the owner, is the best. Honestly. Such a wonderful environment to just have fun!! Great drinks, great dancing staff. Love you Dave!!!!"

    "Showed up ready to have fun on a friday but the "owner" a blonde woman (let's call her Karen) had to double check my ID (I look like an old man) and then told me I can only come in if I agree to not be a punk. Literally unprompted, and confusing since I was just arriving for the first time. Still haven't been inside, although it was empty so I didn't miss much. Eight Ball is the clear winner on that block."


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