Lake Merritt

Oakland, CA

Lake Merritt

swimming pool, Piedmont, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Beautiful place to visit. We did a quick stop but next time we'll plan for a longer visit. Great scenery for pictures. You can walk along the beach and hangout. There was no wait to enter or for parking because it's still colder (2/20/22) but I can imagine the summer time. There was an entry fee per car, not individually."

    "An abandoned sanatorium turned into a park, due to its prominent location over the water. One can take a walk among the ruins of its buildings while facing the magnificent view of the water. Perhaps this place has the best view of the LI sound. On a nice day, the Fisher Islands are in full view, with birds flying around in the backdrop of the clouds and water. For some odd reasons, I could not feel restful here. May be the contrast of the view, the beautiful ocean view vs. the ruins of the buildings brings out the restlessness state in me. Dogs love this park. Many ran around and sniffed anything and everything in sight. An insane sanctuary for men turned into a heaven for the four-legged kind. It is definitely a dog's heaven."

    "Definitely the Best Gym in the Foothills for Decades! Name has changed a few times since I’ve been a member but it keeps getting better ?"


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