Martin's Beach


Martin's Beach

swimming pool, Half Moon Bay, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Eagles nest was good. The food was alright mostly good. The cook forgot about my fries and said the reason was because I ordered them well done. I was sitting in my booth with my family of 6 waiting for 45mins for our food. The waitress forgot about our soup we kept waiting and waiting finally had got her attention and we got our soup. The staff walk around with their heads down never noticed that We were trying to wave someone over we were waiting for drinks for so long. The soup was the best part and the fry's were good too. The burger has canned mushrooms were heated in microwave I could taste the can. I think they used to be much better."

    "This was my first time going to a hookah lounge. When I walked in I felt very welcomed. The people there are super kind, chill and have great customer service. I loved playing pool and smoking hookah. I will definitely become a regular here for sure. Everyone had super chill vibes. ??"

    "I always have a blast when I go here. Music they play is country on one side and on the other side used to be rap. Now it's Spanish music. Good vibes. Some people go there to fight like the military guys- just don't fall for it. Don't fight! It ruins the night and if it happens enough it could cause then to shut down as a result. Otherwise it's pretty relaxed and lots of fun people just wanting to dance and be friendly. It's usually packed."


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