Monte Villa Hotel

swimming pool, Monte Vista, CO, United States


Latest Feedback

    "One of the best spots to get ice cream in the area. My wife loves the cotton candy ice cream."

    "This place is definitely beautiful, but the tranquility was lost on me once I passed the koi pond. There are way too many fish in that small pond. Not to mention, there are no plants or rocks or anything else in there so they are left all day to just swim in small circles or stand still while people stare down at them. When I was there a few weeks ago, half the pond had a fountain going so all the fish were pushed to one side. What a sad life for them. They are lives, not decorations."

    "I called them up multiple times to ask what time they closed they kept hanging up in my face I asked if they had anyone who spoke English every time they hung up in my face so I still went and they treated me horribly as if I was unwanted they ignored me when I ask for a drink it took my friend that was Hispanic to take my order for them to even acknowledge me very disappointing"


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