Moorings of Carrabelle LLC

swimming pool, Carrabelle, FL, United States


Latest Feedback

    "All charges were not disclosed upon checking in. I was quoted $219 per night and ended up paying 347 including amenities that simply didn’t exist during my stay. The refrigerator in my room was broken and ruined $20 worth of dog food, there was no ice available in the entire hotel. By the time I arrived at the breakfast at 7:30 it was completely packed over and there was basically nothing left. It rained the whole weekend that we were there so the pool usage was nonexistent as well. I am extremely disappointed in your hotel and the way you describe the amenities and services available and what actually was available. Perhaps in the future you’ll tell your truth to guests although that might yield in less occupancy"

    "One of the best beaches in CA. A beautiful long beach, with great driftwood to play with. A wonderful river. Lots of cool rocks when the tides are low. If that’s not good enough walk under the bridge to explore the nature preserve."

    "My SO and I have traveled all over the company and been told my managers, GMs , and Walmart execs That car camping overnight was legal and that Walmart welcomed it to make sure weary travelers were safe. At 11:30 pm I was just told we had to leave and couldn't rest in a back corner of the parking lot to take a breather while not bothering anyone. I was treated like trash, when my boyfriend and I were just tired from driving 14 hours for a funeral and both of us being disabled vets are on a limited income and when we travel need to take frequent breaks. I would also understand if we were in a place that interrupted their business but we end up spending 1000's of dollars in their store when we are there as well. Walmart has lost my business and my respect."


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