Nine Mile Billiards

swimming pool, Bellview, FL, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

Latest Feedback

    "Nice local spot. Good strong drinks and nice beer selection."

    "It’s a good bar. One of my favorite places in the world. Lately they hired this new karaoke girl who really just DOES NOT understand the clientele of the bar. This is a old school bar that’s frozen in time, and she comes in and replaces the classic rock/country with modern day pop music. I understand she’s doing her job n all, but really. This bar would get 5 stars, but the karaoke really is bad to the point where we stopped coming on Saturday because of it. I’m writing this on a Friday and I guess she’s doing this on Friday as well. They used to have another guy who hosted karaoke and would take breaks to play some classic rock songs in between, but they fired him for whatever reason and picked this lady. If the short lady is there behind the computer, just be prepared to hear music that really doesn’t match the vibe of the bar. If she’s reading this, please just know that the clientele of this bar for the most part is old school classic, and we enjoy that type of music. Edit: Her assistant is literally wearing a mask on a SMOKING BAR. Can’t get more ridiculous. Luna Tunes, just avoid."

    "The grilled cheese was 2 piece of toaster style toasted bread with the cheese broiled to the point of being black and dry. Pretzel was hard unlike the ones found in the parks. Frozen strawberry lemonade was amazing, the white sangria was white wine and apple juice with the color of a regular glass of white wine."


Opening Hours

Monday 3PM–1AM
Tuesday 3PM–1AM
Wednesday 3PM–1AM
Thursday 3PM–1AM
Friday 1PM–1AM
Saturday 1PM–1AM
Sunday 1PM–1AM

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