Oak Tree Inn

swimming pool, Avon Park, FL, United States


Latest Feedback

    "The ball park is lovely and well kept but the bathrooms had no soap or toilet roll."

    "Been going to CP Billiards for about 10 years now. Although I've lived in Broward County on and off since 2001, only learned about it when I lived in Coral Springs in 2011. They continue to provide the best tables, and indeed service, in any hall within 100 miles of it. This is a place for real players. Yes, there's a jukebox... yes, they probably have your favorite beverages in their modest selections... and yes, there are a short list of vending machine options for snacks too. If you're looking for a Dave & Busters menu... go there, or go to the very well equipped Primanti Brothers next door. This is not where you go for teeny-bopper nights and neon bowling. This is where you go for a great game of 8 or 9 Ball, Chicago, Straight, or cushion billiards. Play some good tunes that still allows for conversations at a whisper, or trash-talking between shots (as psychological warfare on the table is allowed). If you haven't been to Corner Pocket, you're committing a foul and your opponent has ball-in-hand. Get over there and bring your A-Game. #ThatBilliardLife #LocalGem #theresthatSpot ?"

    "Home town beer bar that treats you like family. Once the bartender knows your flavor its waiting as soon as you get in the door. 10 stars if I coukd!"


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