Oceanside of Indian Rocks

swimming pool, Indian Rocks Beach, FL, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

Latest Feedback

    "The bartender were over charging on the drinks on last night even and I confronted him in front of his co-workers. I got the extra money back and an extra drink. I wasn't going to take the drink but because he was humble and wasn't aggressive. I went with it. Overall the place was okay."

    "It was pretty dead there the night we went but it was nice atmosphere great tables karaoke going all night was pretty entertaining. Drinks were great tasting I ordered a crown n come and it was relish! Be tender was friendly and makes good drinks. Didn't get too rowdy like most places do so that was nice. Overall I'd go back that's for sure. Bathrooms were clean at least the females was and that is the only one that counts lol! ;)"

    "This place is a solid sports dive! There is a pool table, plenty of tv and a smoking patio out back. Great service and the food comes from the deli next door."


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