Orange City Motel

swimming pool, Orange City, FL, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Could be an awesome facility if it was maintained. Apparently it’s now owned by the City (Nov 2021) The bar and restaurant are closed so that didn’t help. Trash is everywhere and bathrooms are filthy. Biggest problem are the fields. Love the MLB replica concept, but there’s literally NO maintenance. It’s a sandbox. They don’t drag between games. Batters box is an absolute rutted mess. No striping. No watering. Ridiculous. Photos are of field for the final championship game. Not touched for 2 full days of play"

    "This is the definition of a "neighborhood laundromat". It's no-frills, "efficiently" spaced, and has limited seating and amenities. It's great for locals, but, if you're from out of town, there are probably other options you should look into."

    "My husband was double charged a couple of weeks ago. The first charge was $77 and the next was $97. The actual bill was $77 and they returned that transaction and kept the one for $97. Not cool. When my husband went in and asked about it, they asked for the receipt. which of course, he didn't have. Cool place otherwise."


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