Paradise Cove Beach

California 90265

Paradise Cove Beach

swimming pool, Malibu, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Let start out by saying, THANK YOU! hurricane Michael took a lot from this town but , if it was the manager, corporate or who ever decided to open two days after the storm so our community could get some goods and generators while you guys worked in the dark off of cell phones, and DID NOT price gouge. Thank you."

    "I have been married to Darlene for nearly 43 years and have been hearing (largely negative) stories about the Pool Hall and its hamburgers in Frostproof Florida for all of that time. I finally persuaded her cousin Ray to bring me here today. Had the house special double slaw burger with all the trimmings. Very good! Now I’ve been everywhere!"

    "Cheap, clean. Don't ask for pillows, toilet paper, or anything else. I was offered drugs though."


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