Pirates Cove Shell House

swimming pool, Treasure Island, FL, United States


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Latest Feedback

    "Best place to hold a 9 year olds Birthday Party..."

    "Amazing experience these people really do have affordable prices everything from chips and candy to liquor and frozen foods to even sodas absolutely everything is nice and affordable and properly stacked not to mention their parking arrangements located on the outside is nearly perfect just the way an architect would set up a parking area for a liquor store I really did enjoy my experience these people are very friendly and highly recommended I definitely would recommend you guys checking them out. Not to mention the staff is really cool and they're all highly knowledgeable about all the items located on the shelves and in the freezers so do not hesitate to ask any questions because they will be able to answer them quite quickly which is super cool because I hate walking into a location that doesn't know anything about the items they're selling these people really help me out with the items located down the shelves and in the Frozen foods items. You guys definitely Rock I will be back"

    "This is the worst transient housing in the Marine Corps. The fact that a shared room is only $37 cheaper than the luxurious rooms at Pacific Views is an absolute sham. Don’t even ask for a suite or studio, because they are never available, regardless of rank. The shared ‘living area’ rooms means there is no desk or even a chair in your room to conduct official business. The rooms themselves are egregious. The 3 pillows are 12x12’ pieces of cotton from 1979. The portable AC unit by your head makes it near impossible to sleep based on the noise and inability to maintain a cool temperature. The curtains do an incredibly poor job of blocking out the obnoxiously bright hall lights ans your head is a mere 3ft away from heavy foot traffic that’s easily heard based on the fact the window must be open for the window AC unit. The bathrooms are worse than prison showers and do not regulate water temperature at all. “Breakfast” is a joke. Pay the $37 out of pocket if you have to and stay at Pacific Views or Ward Lodge, money well spent. MCIWEST should be ashamed of these facilities."


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