Public Beach Access - #49 @ Pompano Joe's

2375 Scenic Gulf Dr, Miramar Beach, FL 32550

Public Beach Access - #49 @ Pompano Joe's

swimming pool, Miramar Beach, FL, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

Latest Feedback

    "Absolutely beautiful!! Several springs all connected by Santa Fe River. Went with a couple of friends and had a blast!!! We can’t wait to come back and do this again. We are planning on camping next time!"

    "Great place for a shot and some pool."

    "If you have not got the Red Tag you don't know what you're missing I love that store Papa and his crew that work in the store they're very pleasant people very pleasant the help you anyway they can there are items or extremely nice if you want to compare Red Tag to one of the high end stores you would pay Hundreds of Dollars more at the high-end store Red Tags items of very very nice you're very beautiful sculpture painted everything Red Tag is a store that you don't see too often and the staff who works in Red Tag and I called the gentleman Papa all the time when I go in there to shop or to get things out it is worth going to that store it's sad that people don't pay attention to Quality and to their neighborhood stores Red Tag is on West Manchester going towards the football stadium just across Crenshaw but I do suggest a people start looking at the store and go in it's very nice with all of their different supplies and things that have including school supplies for the children when you can't find the paper for the children to do their art projects on because of teachers asking them to do things go to read text household supplies to fix things in your house or your car or what have you day of very well stocked. So check them out I think you would like it too. February 7th 2022 Monday Rita Oliver speaking"


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