Rice Ranch

swimming pool, Quartzsite, AZ, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Food was presented very nicely. Staff was very friendly, well informed, very willing to help customers that was dinning in store, kept me informed about my order. Very clean dinning area along with area around the cashier counter. Will be eating there again. Loved my veggie pizza and veggie Stromboli, my fiancé loved his pepperoni Stromboli"

    "This place is a gem. My first time coming here and it's gorgeous. Beautiful day to enjoy a whimsical place. Bring some blankets, tents, anything to warm you up and get cozy! Very quiet, away from the busy life. Truly a safe haven for anyone who just wants to have a zen time"

    "Great service. Friendly and helpful staff. They also have a chicken swap the third Saturday of each month. Not only chickens but ducks, geese, turkeys and rabbits too. Some times puppies too."


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