Robert J. Strickland Memorial Park

6345 Clark St, Hudson, FL 34667 +1 727-861-3010

Robert J. Strickland Memorial Park

swimming pool, Bayonet Point, FL, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

  • Amenities
  • Good for kids

Latest Feedback

    "Great beach, been going here for more than a decade. Would give it 5 stars but more recently the local police have had sticks directly up their back ends about the beach fires and it’s less fun being reminded we live in a police state. 10/10 will make you poor out your alcohol even if you’re 35 years old."

    "Upon arriving here to see a local band play Burker Brothers Band, I had never stepped foot inside this place. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened those doors. 2 big pool tables in front an a long bar to the right with bar stools lined up an tables behind an a dance floor an the stage where the band had just started playing. They had good musicians an Rachel & Mikey did the vocals The place had alot of people in it an it has a full liquor bar as well. And there was no cover charge an I had a couple imported beers an they were quite cheaper then many other clubs that I have been in the past.The Acoustics sounded wonderful, seems like everyone there was enjoying themselves on a Friday night. Kudos to the friendly Bartender she was very nice.."

    "The beer was cold and the women were hott. They are now serving delicious food at a great price. The barmaid even though she was busy, kept up with the orders and just kept on smiling. The music and pool tables made this bar rock."


Opening Hours

Monday 6AM–7PM
Tuesday 6AM–7PM
Wednesday 6AM–7PM
Thursday 6AM–7PM
Friday 6AM–7PM
Saturday 6AM–7PM
Sunday 6AM–7PM

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