Rohan Regional Recreation Center

swimming pool, The Villages, FL, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

  • Amenities
  • Swimming pool

Latest Feedback

    "Amazing view to meet the nature that way.If you have not been traveling on this place for hiking, put into your pocket lists, things MUST do list."

    "This is my home and the standard by which I judge other bars they do not have a kitchen inside they have the best taco truck in the world outside get food go in listen to music play pool shaved ice for fun only we do all the covid stuff the truth is really big family"

    "They should really NEED to CLEAN this park up!!! Looks HORRIBLE usually has graffiti on the walls for weeks without being painted over.. Grass is dead except for those parts underwater cuz they needed to fix the sprinkler but they don't... SHAMEFUL"


Opening Hours

Monday 7AM–9PM
Tuesday 7AM–9PM
Wednesday 7AM–9PM
Thursday 7AM–9PM
Friday 7AM–9PM
Saturday 7AM–9PM
Sunday 7AM–10PM

How to go there