Royal Inn

swimming pool, Anniston, AL, United States


Latest Feedback

    "I bring my kids here on Fridays for teen night. They have lots of fun keeps them out of trouble as well. It is like a mad house but well under control. Kids all ages are welcome but 12 and older they have VIP passes to get away from the little kids. It's from 7 to 11pm."

    "Gorgeous facility. Nice restrooms. Field was really dense when we were there for soccer, so it really slowed the ball down (pic 2), unfortunately. Lots of room for games out here, and fields were painted nicely with good nets."

    "So far after two weeks of Living here. I would say the location and price of this place is pretty good. If you get a room past 10.. So 101-110 is on the ocean side view. If you have higher, then your room will be hot. The room itself is pretty tiny which is kind of annoying. They have a common room to share with strangers if that works for you which has a small table, coffee table, chair and couch. I am not a fan of this concept since I like to work from a desk and have the TV on in the background. The key information you want to know is the WiFi. I'd rate it 0.5 / 5. It exist, but you can't really do anything. You are better off tethering to your phone to accomplish tasks. If you need to, try to connect and download what you need if you can and tether to do regular functions. If you need Data, but a phone/Sim card with data for relatively cheap. This place is really close to a beach and ocean side is pretty close, so you have two beaches nearby. There is a gym near the camp pendleton beach as well. The room has no air conditioning but the single fan should be sufficient unless you are on the no wind side. Then it's just annoying and bearable. The TV doesn't work well for cable since the receiver is behind the TV Stand but it does have some good channels. HBO and some movie channels. The rooms to get tidy up which is really nice. If you don't do much and don't require your room touched then just put Do not disturb sign on door. There is a safe in the room if you are paranoid or keep high valued items around."


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