San Jacinto Inn

swimming pool, San Jacinto, CA, United States


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    "A must at night, everytime we visit SD. The earth seems to just drop off it's so dark looking out to sea here. Over a hundred yards of soft sand just to reach the water, and the dunes are neat as well."

    "Review for December 31st 2018. Pescadero State Beach is located in San Mateo County California which is about 40 minute drive south of San Francisco. We took Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles. On the way to Los Angeles we stop by many Scenic Points off the coast of California. I'm not guilty, to say that I absolutely love the coastline to California. Also a very Scenic Place to meditate. Nice Park to have picnics and to chill and relax. , perfect spot to go hiking down towards the beach. This place is very nice in Pleasant."

    "Super laid back just a good place to chill no drama great prices on drinks"


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