Sarasota Beach

swimming pool, Siesta Key, FL, United States


Latest Feedback

    "I have been to this bar two times. The first time I had rude service. I was with friends and we are friendly people and used our manners and everything but it was just obvious that we were not welcome there. I can't put my finger on exactly what was wrong, but it seemed like the staff knew we were tourists and those were grounds for getting axed. I really really liked the location and the overall vibe of the bar. Today late afternoon, I went back with my boyfriend and we were both treated brusquely by the bartender. There was absolutely no reason for it. There will be no third visit. Bullpen Tavern is now my new bar in IB. And the Pool is FREE :)"

    "This LA Adventure/Trade winds hotel/apartments are only good for a bed, a refrigerator, and bathroom. Clean bed (hard) and bathroom, but the place needs a lot of work. Even just washing the walls would help. In unit 201, the windows were unbelievable. The bathroom has a missing window they put a plastic piece in that must have been laying around but it didn't cover 1/2 and there was only a half of a toilet paper holder. Not even removing the other half. I checked the other windows and none of them closed so that you could warm the place up. Very sparse on the furniture. No nightstands to put your bed items on. Electrical plugs were not convenient in bedroom. The only smoke detector was covered with plastic and tape. Major maintenance issues. I was only appreciative of the politeness of the staff. The third party booking agency has incorrect information for what they offer. There is no continental breakfast, nor is the restaurant open as stated when I booked the room. Electrical wires hanging in the center of the buildings, no elevator, and there was obvious smoking going on in some of the rooms. This is a place to stay if you have no other option. So uncomfortable and there would be no way I stay here again."

    "Every time I find myself here it's always a blast. Feel right at home with multiple pool tables, Dart board, and a good strong drink to dial in my sights. Great place just wish it was closer to home?"


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