Smathers Beach

swimming pool, Big Coppitt Key, FL, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

  • Amenities
  • Good for kids

Latest Feedback

    "This was the first beach that my dog went to and she had a blast. She had no issue running into the water and most of the dogs we encountered were perfectly friendly. People were more than willing to throw her ball for her and no one really minded if she started random following them as she often does. I love that this beach is off leash too. It makes it so much more fun for my dog and she’s able to cover a wider expanse of the beach than she would if she were walking next to me. Something that I appreciated was that the people who had reactive dogs were sitting with their dogs higher up the beach which made it easier for me to spot them and call my dog back so that I could make sure we didn’t cause an issue. That way both my dog and theirs could enjoy the beach without issue. I also love that Carmel is super dog friendly. My dog and I went to a restaurant called Forge in the Forest that was delicious. I loved that they had a doggy menu. It was only some hamburger meat, but it was nice to give my dog a special treat after her fun beach run. The only problem that I had was a man started screaming and pointing in the direction of me and my dog when we were walking back in order to leave. Funnily enough, both me and my dog turned around to see what he was screaming at since she had only been calmly walking next to me at that point. I was extra confused because there were other groups of people and dogs walking past him with no issue. Me and my dog were the only ones he was screaming at. I put her on her long leash and kept walking but the man had packed up his stuff and left by the time I neared the spot where he had been."

    "Fill right at home at The Anchorage! Bill, the owner, is cool as hell and will socialize with most everyone. We come here most ever time we go out. Great people to meet and make new friends"

    "Great local bar! Band that we saw was amazing! They have pool tables so that was even better! Smoking is allowed inside so that's something to consider if you go!"


Opening Hours

Monday 7AM–11PM
Tuesday 7AM–11PM
Wednesday 7AM–11PM
Thursday 7AM–11PM
Friday 7AM–11PM
Saturday 7AM–11PM
Sunday 7AM–11PM

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