Stanton Inn & Suites

swimming pool, Stanton, CA, United States


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    "I love Lake Merritt, I had the absolute privilege of living right by it and really took advantage of it. The lake has a wide paved trail the way around, great for running or walking. All over the lake are different things to do. There's a parking area that skaters use which is super fun to watch, there's fairyland, aka the perfect place for children, there are tons of great restaurants, and also some local vendors too. Love that! Bathrooms are terrible so try to go before or I use the bathrooms at Lakeshore. LM is the perfect place to hang with friends, and just enjoy Oakland. Lots of great migratory birds too."

    "Price is good but small and don't have mix drinks. But I believe on Friday they have DJ which played good music"

    "I wasn’t amazed by this trail but it wasn’t too bad either. Some nice views along the way but the trailhead was disappointing given there was no water or anything else to see. Might go back at some point but won’t be my first choice."


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