Stay Plus Inn

swimming pool, Lake Alfred, FL, United States


Latest Feedback

    "We ordered on grubhub but we found out when my husband went to pick up that they don't use their service anymore. My husband placed the order in house instead when he got there and I could not be happier. This food is killer and my husband says the employees and other guests were all amazing. We will definitely be going in person soon."

    "Best barcade in town! Has a vintage vibe to it, friendly staff, clean environment, and games for drinking aged adults only ?"

    "Not only are there great drink specials but you can order SQZBX from next door and they'll bring it to you. Also, there's great music and great people who come in. Starshe, the bartender is super cool. She's knowledgeable about their drink menu and food menu from next door. She's a beast behind the bar, and I prefer to go in when she's there!"


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