TD Ballpark

swimming pool, Dunedin, FL, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

Latest Feedback

    "Went there around noon time. Parking on the street Stair is 218 steps as I read from other post. I went there 3 times, I was too concentrate not to fall off the stair and catch my breath and lost counts each time Stairs is kind of steep and good to hold on the rail. Its good workout. Not crowded at the time I went Nice big houses on top Short walk to Thousand steps sea cave - I couldn't get close since the tide is high Beach very clean and doesn't smell"

    "Clean enough. Very moldy smell and AC didn't work. Felt safe, but very noisy. Expensive because of the area."

    "Terreble place!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND!! If it needed some work before, With The NEW OWNERS this time was the worst of the worst. Wasted money for no reason!! They had no working skates and the ones available were broken. Many of my guest included the birthday boy siblings did not get to skates because there were no sizes available and the the others skates were broken. We asked her why there were not good skates and the Young girls said she was not sure that she was only there to give the skates... When we ask to speak to the manager. SHOCKER there was no one there only a the Younger girl, we asked her to have the manager contact us asap, she NEVER did! Before we left at the end of the pary, I asked again and she told me that the lady had no time to call and up to now no Response at all! Multiple tables were broken in the dinning area, Restrooms were terrible, sinks not working, doors not shutting, no hand soap, hand sanitizer or even enough toilet paper. There was equipmet for events and other big Hazzard items were all over the area, broken or non working arcade games, no good lighting around were we eat and sit. Not safe for kids at all!! It was a "Private pary" there was men and kids in and out of the place, using the restrooms and sitting in the area that our kids were at, not safe at all. We had to keep an eye on our kids because it was scary how many older men were coming and going into an office that was kept looked. I don't recommend for you to rent this expensive place at All!"


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