Terrace Garden Inn

swimming pool, Clearwater, FL, United States


Latest Feedback

    "No restrooms or shower, have to drive away. Free parking, but it’s very busy, difficult to find a spot which is very typical for FL beaches. Alarm went off went lightning got close! Everyone cleared, but then the traffic to get out was complete bonkers. These pictures are a Saturday around noon in April. Saw 5 Dolphins, a crab and lots of fish. Soft loose sand."

    "We had an amazing stay! There were 12 of us in 3 different rooms and we stayed for 4 nights. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. For the cheap price, it was more than we expected. The pool was nice and clean, the Ocean facing tables and chairs were wonderful to just sit at night and play cards with friends. There were pans and dishes provided for our use. Every morning there was fresh coffee, juices, bagels and cereal out in the lobby. Having the coin laundry there was very helpful too! I strongly recommend that if you are traveling with a large group and on a tight budget, this is a great place to go. We had a very pleasant and fun stay here."

    "I came here looking for one thing, found it, and bought them all! ❤ I recently discovered a homemade candy, that im obsessed with (and my kids are too)!! Its called ? SAUCE BOSS CANDY -WILD WATERMELON ? This is a sauce made by a private person, and then gushers are dipped into it and packages for resale. This is the ONLY reason I came to this store, and when my kids run out, I will come buy them all again! WHOOVER LIKES MEXICAN CHILI/AND GUSHERS, THIS IS A MUST TRY FOR YOU!!!"


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