The Berry Inn

swimming pool, Buena Park, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Great place for shark tooth hunting. Shame it's been ruined by red tide. Sadly, this whole thing leads to a host of dead fish. Personally, I'd avoid this for now, but once red tide is eventually past Manasota Key, it's a beautiful place."

    "Really beautiful to walk through the municipal park in the morning! Very clean and well kept. There are trails that go around the park and definitely worth a visit. There are also many benches that you can use to rest and would definitely be a great place for BBQs and community picnics. They also have restroom facilities available."

    "This is a great facility. The bathrooms were full service and clean! They have food service too. The turf fields are well maintained. We had a great weekend playing softball there. Plenty of parking too!"


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