The Orlando Hotel

swimming pool, Beverly Hills, CA, United States


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    "We went for a walk down the beach since it was a beautiful day out. We were really trying to get to the caves so we walked as much as we could but I believe we probably had about 10 more minutes of walking. We stopped mid way in a small cave where we got to sit and just watch the waves. It was beautiful to just be surround by all of mother nature."

    "I came to this bar after a work day from working overtime i was addressed to leave and pay a tab that didn't show anything that i purchased they charged me 100 dollars for a bill that i asked to see why it came it to 100 dollars and they refused to show me and threatened me with the cops and said they didn’t have to show me what i had purchased to and threw me out and cussed me out i asked if they can give me a receipt to see why my bill came out so much and i was cussed out by the security and threatened for my life over a bill that they didnt want to show me prove of i would not recommend this bar for any mexican american because its a all white bar who is racist to any other color besides white american i wouldn’t take my family or relatives here for the sake of their life’s"

    "The most beautiful thing in the world is to see your parents smiling and knowing that you're the reason behind that smile I welcome Miss Ramsay JuniorHigh Proud Best thrilledand honor love you girl"


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