Victoria Beach

swimming pool, Laguna Beach, CA, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Been going to this bar for years. Actually even put the AC on the roof like the people the great bar. It's definitely a 5:00 happy hour work far from me, but I will say that certain people at that bar are very quick too. Jump to opinions. Make accusations. Let's just say the higher-ups they like to gossip talk behind backs. Not cool"

    "It's almost a decent place until the roaches came out I swear he was lethargic because he sat on top of the tv and watched me didn't move when I hit the side of the to scare him went to sleep and he was still there in the morning"

    "Maggie as pictured below says thank you Dr. Rivera ! We were referred to Westgate animal hospital by a family member. Although it is a drive from where we live it was well worth the trip! This dog has been living her best life without the extra 5lb tumor hanging off her leg. Thank you again !"


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