Vista Inn & Suites - Tampa

swimming pool, Lake Magdalene, FL, United States


Latest Feedback

    "Dana Point Baby Beach was great. No waves, great swim for the kids without getting tossed around by waves. It's a small beach, so it gets packed and they section off the swimming area. It has bathrooms and picnic tables, but right now because of Covid the picnic tables are off limits. Parking is tough so arrive early. Overall great little beach for the family."

    "Been living here since 1992 it used to have flooding problems but no longer. Well not as bad. This is the kind of place where i have been able to live peacefully and during the cold weather you can turn off your AC and open your doors and windows without having to be afraid of intruders. I love it here"

    "This place was super fun to come and visit. Especially because we came here on a sunny day, extra hot, and everybody was grumpy. We took a walk around the lake, cooled off in the splash park (that cured everybody's problems), and there's even a little playground next to the splash park that the kids geeked out over. Pretty nice pavilion too, for those that want shade or a little outdoor party. Absolutely recommended for anybody with kids, especially on hot, sunny days."


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