swimming pool, Catalina Foothills, AZ, United States


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

Latest Feedback

    "Stayed here for my birthday and was extremely pleased! Easy check in process and fantastic location. Room was super cute and cozy with a great view of the pool. Pool was clean and inviting, not overly crowded which was also nice. Will definitely be back!"

    "This place is so shady, they pay you under the table and lie to you about your pay. The bartender Loren will lie to you and add drinks to your tab or over charge you to increase her sales because sales are measured so she likes to add sales to peoples tabs to be number 1 out of the girls working. When you apply for a job they don’t make you fill out anything they make you work for free and call it training then they tell you you’ll make a certain amount then not pay you. Avoid buying drinks or even going here. Definitely don’t work here."

    "Ron was so accommodating to our needs. The owner of the campground was very helpful and was quick responsive to our all email. We have had a great time here and will definitely return! Thank you"


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